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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

New Faces on the Block?

There's just a fortnight to go before the District Council Elections, and with very few votes separating the candidates in 2003 (at least in Cliftonville West) even a marginally higher turnout could see a dramatic turnaround in fortunes, and not just for the major parties.

On May 3rd the "Big Players" will be joined in battle by candidates from both The Green Party and The UK Independence Party.

Electors in Cliftonville East will be choosing between

  • Sandy Ezekiel (Conservative)*
  • Dennis Franklin (Green)
  • Sandy Hart (Labour)
  • Margaret Main (Labour)
  • Patricia Moore (Labour)
  • Brian Sullivan (Conservative)*
  • Martin Wise (Conservative)*
While those standing for election in Cliftonville West are
  • Linda Aldred (Labour)*
  • Justin Bishop (Conservative)
  • Doug Clark (Labour)*
  • Trevor Cooper (UK Independence)
  • Clive Hart (Labour)*
  • Patrick Miles (Conservative)
  • Greg Wood (Conservative)
* denotes current members of the Council.

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