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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

"Serious Assault" sparks major police presence

A large stretch of the Queen's Promenade was cordoned-off this afternoon after what was described by police as a "very serious assault".

A police presence was in evidence along the promenade from Third Avenue as far as the Bethesda Medical Centre, pedestrians being turned away from the area. Mobile surveillance cameras were being erected at the point where the promenade meets Third Avenue. Police were reluctant to give details, although one officer confirmed that a "very serious assault" had been committed in the public convenience attached to the Thanet Indoor Bowling Centre. The victim was said to be "somewhat poorly".

One witness reported having also seen police officers on the beach directly beneath the promenade.

Cordoned-off: The Queen's Promenade

The scene of the alleged assault

Police erect surveillance cameras at the scene

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